Starting Part C

The last two days have been a well-received break. I spent the first night in a bed&breakfast in Cowes on the Isle of Wight to be able to sleep in a real bed, after having soaked in a real bath. For some strange reason during the night the room appeared to be hull-like curvature and the bed felt tilted to one side. In the morning I went into a few of these many sailing shops on High Street in Cowes. It felt somewhat weird to be in the Henri Lloyd shop while wearing (at least) two pieces branded Henri Lloyd / Clipper. The other shop stuck out because the guy there was scolding his (apparent) demented mother for not again giving away goods for too cheap. Funnily the other Clipper guys who visited Cowes later on the same day reported a similar experience. There was also a good-sized dog being happy to stand adjacent to me and whip me with his tail while carrying around a pair for socks in his mouth which he got from the basket of sailing socks. I finally bought a Dubarry cap with a massive lanyard and an LED flash light which goes from white to red to blue to green. Not that I know when to use the blue or green.

Next day being back in Gosport I did my laundry, sent some of my excess clothes as a package back to my home address. Unfortunately I exceeded the 2kg cheaper rate limit and paid 37 GPB, so I had to draw more money later in the afternoon.

A good portion of the part C crew has arrived so far. We are waiting for the two persons coming back from the provisions shopping. Some seem to be eager to go to the pub. We got an initial briefing of the skipper. The next two days will be daysailing out of Gosport, followed by a 5 day “race” with the other part C boats probably towards Ushant. Can’t wait to get on this longer trip.

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