Moving on to Part B

Starting part B was kind of bizarr, finishing off a great part A on a Clipper 60 boat and moving on to Clipper 68 boat on the same day. The first half of the day was filled with doing a deep cleaning of the part A boat, while getting laundry done together with the other crew mates, because there is just a single washer and dryer. At the same time all of us who continued on part B moved their stuff over to their respective 68 boat early to reserve a good bunk. After having a short 15 break at the Pump House cafe, work continued: The clothing kit was issued. The foul weather gear, some jacket and t-shirt. This took longer than I thought. It’s also going to be interesting how I will transport the additional gear home (via Germany).

Giving out the gear kit

Giving out the gear kit

At 16:00 I was back at CV9, my part B boat, where the remaining crew started to show up. The remainder of the day was filled with a walk-through of all systems on the boat. The skipper is Brendan, the race skipper of CV9. He is pretty organized in laminating lots of useful information and posting it to the cabin walls.

Since I got power and Internet working from the boat (in the marina) just today, I hope to be able to write more in the next days. The previous days were packed with work and things to learn, as well as lots of fun.

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