Laundry Break

Having passed the Nav & Met course I got now some time before the next training module, part A, starts tomorrow at 1800. I’m doing my laundry using the washer and dryer of the marina facilities. The washer is 3 GBP and the dryer 2 GBP, depending on how dry the laundry should get.

Washer & Dryer

Washer & Dryer

Then all I’ve got to do is to pack my stuff off Black Adder, the boat I have been (basically just) sleeping on the last few days, on to Serica, right in the next berth, which I’m assigned to for my part A. Being that early on the boat before everybody else should allow me to get the best bunk close to the mast. The bunk I had on Black Adder sucked pretty much. Being an upper bunk, it didn’t have a lot of headroom and was slightly tilted to the inside so my sleeping bag slided slowly and ended up in the lee cloth to a good amount.

The remaining plan for the day is then further to get some more money from the ATM downtown which is a 15 minute walk away, head for the pub and find a place for dinner. Sounds manageable.

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