Waiting to go sailing

It’s a hot day in Cape Town today with little wind. I arrived this morning in the marina and dropped off my bags on California on the last (almost completely) empty bunk. The wireless access works decently. I met quite a few people I knew from my training. Tomorrow I’ll have to show up at 8:30 in the morning at Qingdao to go on a training sail for the day. We won’t be returning to the marina and instead dock at the VnA Waterfront, a posh shopping area / mall which had been built just a few years back. Unfortunately there won’t be decent facilities (showers!) :-( so I guess tomorrow morning will be the last shower for a while. I was told that we will be taking off there on Sunday at 8:30am. At least it will be nicer for people to watch.

2009-11-19 07.02.20.jpg

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