Adapting to the life on California

Today it’s the first time I feel able to write a few sentences. I have been seasick the last two days on and off, including throwing up a few times, which is always a big relief. I haven’t been eating basically anything, except a small portion of porridge, a power bar and some soup. I know I need to drink a lot of water. The Scopace seems to work, but does not completely eliminate the seasickness. Worst is getting on a watch, getting into the foulies, while the others from my watch try to do the same.

The first night, we had reefing lines 1 and 2 chafed through. It was blowing 30 knots (with a pretty confused sea state). We had to get the main down to stop it from flogging and finally ripping. I was climbing up the mast steps for the first 1.5 meters to reach the mainsail’s luff to pull it down as the main halyard gets eased. Unfortunately, most have the halyard wrapped around a spreader or something, so it won’t come down the last one meter. I had to climb even higher to run a sailtie through the topmost slider so we could secure the mainsail from going up again. I was quite exhausted from that job, having to hold on to the mast with one hand while working with the other hand. We continued sailing with just the staysail, still making 7-8 knots of speed. With the next day light, we exchanged the bad reefing lines with new ones.

This morning we saw a pair of humpback whales. They had some interaction going on among them. Not sure what. We could see their backs and flukes. One time it almost looked as if one guy was jumping out of the water.

We are still making our way south towards the band of low pressure systems which will then help us towards our destination on a downwind point of sail.

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